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With God's help and the generous support of individuals and congregations, the following initiatives happened in 2018:

  • Discernment continued for how to live into vision for a Global Church of the Brethren.

  • Josiah and Christine Ludwick and their children began a year of service in Rwanda to preach, teach, and demonstrate a Brethren way of living. Their appointment is vital to the efforts of establishing a peace testimony in the Great Lakes region of Africa as they hosted theological education and training, assisted in the construction of church buildings, and strengthened relationships.

  • In Venezuela, the Brethren witness grew but economic turmoil prevented the placement of mission staff. Global Mission and Service staff and volunteers traveled there and worked with Venezuelan leadership to broaden the understanding of our church’s theology and practice.

  • Brethren in Spain continued to add new congregations and expanded their membership.

  • Haitian Brethren have proved themselves faithful again this year by reaching out to the suffering when an earthquake struck in the north of the country.

  • In Nigeria, Global Mission executive Jay Wittmeyer was present at the commissioning of a new EYN congregation at the Gurku Interfaith Camp for displaced people. The Nigerian Brethren also commissioned their newest church district in Lagos, with EYN now numbering 55 districts. The Nigeria Crisis Response continues to bring healing and hope to thousands of families displaced by violence.

  • Embracing Jesus’ call to go and make disciples was at the heart of our ministries throughout the year.

  • Youth and advisors gathered at National Youth Conference to be challenged in their walk of faith.

  • Church planters and others gathered at the New and Renew Conference for professional development and encouragement for the work of nurturing new disciples.

  • The Discipleship Ministries team provided resource leadership at congregational and district events, web-based learning opportunities, and collaboration with Bethany Seminary for an Urban Ministry intensive in Atlanta.

  • For Brethren Disaster Ministries, losing the Paradise Church of the Brethren and most of the congregation’s homes ended an intense year disaster response—including a rebuilding project in North Carolina that closed during Hurricane Florence but quickly reopened to help people affected by Hurricane Matthew. In Puerto Rico, our disaster response expanded into the mountains around Castañer, where a long-term home rebuilding project will continue through next year.

  • Children’s Disaster Services supported families affected by floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, shootings, and the Camp Fire that burned Paradise.

  • Together, we shared hope and God’s love. God enabled us to extend Christ’s mission, serving those in need both near and far, growing disciples, calling and developing leaders, and transforming communities.

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